01.01. – 10k Year-End Run & Happy New Year

I wish you all a great, happy, peaceful but above all a healthy New Year. Only that counts; we all complain on a much too high level! For myself, I now would like to start with full motivation, action endurance and always a smile on the face in a brilliant 2017. 2016 was buried with the tradition of a 10k New Year’s Eve Run 🙂 

For the first competition after a 4.5-month drought period, I was taken yesterday to the tranquil Diessen at Lake Ammersee. With frosty 1C but dreamlike sunshine 4 laps of 2,5k waited for me and other 63.  The lap course with its meadows and trail passages was challenging but feasible! Rather, the cold was the poison for the lungs.

After 8 intensive training days with 18 hours of work and 210k in the legs you cannot expect much, but hope, but I already noticed after the first lap that today is nothing much to expect. I was much too tense and had (still) too much ballast on the shoulders. So I decided after a while to take off pace and to finish the whole thing worthy as speed run. At the end I succeeded in 42,11min (10,13km) as first woman and as eleventh “male” 🙂 Results

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