19.02. -Doublestart Weekend

The 2017 season started… Only 10 weeks to the first highlight, the Oberelbe Marathon in Dresden.  … I have trained very well over the past few weeks and without healthy failures, which is really great considering current disease epidemics in Germany! Also the performance diagnostics in mid-January was more than promising. On basis of the data, I was on the same level as in June 2015; well we have now only February (i.e. 4 months earlier in the year- one compares normally always on a 12 month rhythm) and I am 1.5 years older J

That’s why, after consulting with my coach, I was able to use this weekend as a top performance with a so-called “double start” in the middle of a 3-week training block. I did this already 4 years ago and then I ran on the second day even a new personal best time over the half marathon J And 2017?

18.02: Thermencrosslauf Bad Endorf – 8000m
4C, cloudy, ideal for running. In the race over 4 rounds a 2000m, which earns its “cross” really well, it was less about the pace one can run, rather to tackle the laps sensibly. About 30 high meters per round, with two sinks and 20% ramps, as well as roots and mud in the forest, took its toll, but are lots of fun J I placed relatively quickly at position 5 with a safe distance to the rear, but also forward to girls 3 & 4 which challenged themselves together. However, I noticed at start in lap 3 that the distance somewhat melted, tough though. At the beginning of the last 2k I smelled my chance and approached the both steadily. Just as I tightened my pace, so did one of the two ladies, so I was able to secure the fourth place overall (of 41) with a very fast finish k in less than 4min, but I missed 4 seconds to the podium because I had no courage to speed up earlier …. In return, I won my age group confident with a 3.5min lead J

19.02: Ismaning winter race series – 21.4km
Start 10Uhr … Really mine, but, the regeneration phase from the previous run was short (just about 19 hours). A new personal best (1.27.30 over half marathons distance of 21.2km) was definitely not expected, but the 1.30h should be somehow in it!  Strategy was, to act with a modest approach (slower than the targeted 4.14min / kmh) and to progress in the 2nd half (which I permanently train for the marathon). However, the route in Ismaning is slightly downhill until the turning point and then on the way back is correspondingly more strenuous.
But somehow it turned out differently. We tackled the course moderately, though the first 10km 2 sec. faster on the k than planned. It’s the feeling that is important and that was great! Though it went tough for me as well as of the 16k marked, but as two “victims” came into sight (7th at this time), the militancy came into play and I speed up once again… More than happy I finished the line after 1.29,16 (pace 4.11 which equals 1.28,16 on the “Half”) as 5th overall and 2nd in my Age Group.

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