15.04. – Even that will pass !

April 15, 2015, a more than spring and sunny day reminds me again positive and successful (sports) memories in the past months. This will follow again, but for now a little more patience is needed until I can engage in the season – fully recovered and strengthened.

The past 6 weeks have been mentally and physically challenging characterized by partial violent pain (colics), an unfortunate training camp on Fuerteventura, countless doctor visits and tests, speculations, unpleasant side effects due to antibiotic treatment and ultimately very tense moments around my health! Now, finally, the root cause has been found: multiple kidney stones, which have probably increased in recent weeks and are now no longer able to part alone; besides the inevitable renal accumulation, which is actually the most dangerous matter. The good news: All treatable 🙂  Already next week the first attempt with an operation. If that does not work, the alternative treatment takes another 3-5 weeks until I am back to normal.

Holistically, I see the whole thing now sober, factual and positive: what are 2-3 months break in the following years to come? The break, which is filled with loose training for shape retention, will strengthen me for sure; the body can and must recover!  That I am in general in very good shape, proves the fact, that my body can withstand the illness well, the laboratory values are​(again) top and I’m in a good mood!

The question of the WHY needs to be asked: Kidney stones can happen per se to anyone. With me some genetic predisposition plays a role, on top probably any diet with substances that cannot be handle by my body (everybody is different!). Current suspicion: Too much vitamin D during the winter (VitD can cause stones). Have I not taken those pills to protect the bones in months with low sun? What is praised almost every day by experts? No matter how you do it, you do it wrong 🙂

In this sense, take care of yourself, enjoy your health, check your blood on a regular basis and do pay attention to warning signs of your body!!

Season plans will follow … soon … Cannot wait to flyyyyy again 🙂

Yours Anja

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