Looking back, goals + 9 months

The World Champs are past, but my self-made collage in my kitchen reminds me every day of the great experience, how the shape has grown steadily over the past two years and that I did yet achieve a bit. I always somehow stamped my professional success as “duty”;  on the sports side I am proud though, especially since I started triathlon with the “tender” age of 35 years 🙂

My first ambitious season (2013) was quite passable. I couldn’t admit to it and still needed a contest to prove it once more; eventually my coach said: “Do you believe now finally, that you can do it?” In principle, yes, but one of my guidelines is:  “Anyone who believes to be something has stopped to become something “ ( Socrates ) !

In this sense we went in 2014 and how should it be otherwise, as well? Well, the philosophy alone did not bring me any further: I trained disciplined, had proper regeneration and (almost) always fun. The fruit was harvested in many age group victories and (overall)placements over a constant running season; my three half-distances (Ironman 70.3 Mallorca , Switzerland and Canada ) in nearly approximate finish times (Overview ) – taking into account , that competitions cannot be directly compared!

So, everything Tipp Top and what’s next? My long- term goal for the coming years is very clear: On the one side being a good age group athlete who can not only compete regional, but also on European level – and will 🙂 Secondly, I would like to promote Triathlon on a mass-sport base and for the youth. The latter I am going to tackle – besides the Wintertriathlon – in further professional projects.

But for now 2015’s approaching: In the next 9 months I am preparing for my first long distance race, which will take place probably on 06/28/15 at Ironman France in Nice. “Subject to”, because I only want to start once I have the confidence, that I can complete the 226km in a solid time and with a reasonable position. Just the bike-shape requires years of (force) work; which I got noticed badly in Canada. I believe; I can do it, because it’s my goal and because I want it ! 🙂

col de ecre bw

Until then, I am participating in a few preparation races, in 2014 the one or other run, as well as the inaugural Challenge Bahrain (Half) on 06/12/14. Set up with/by the king himself and with the unique opportunity to race the Formula 1 course. Great !
The Plan for 2015 will follow in due course 🙂

See you soon; Yours Anja

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