• DoB.: 21.December 1976, Germany, BY
  • Height: 167cm; Weight: 51kg (Race)
  • Trainingspensum (on average) 15h p.W.
  • Coach: Jo Spindler (Tri Sutto)
  • Team: Regioteam Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei
  • Profession: Chartered Insurer (FCII) and Chartered Accountant (ACCA)
  • Charity:

About me

In 3 words: Motivation, Ambition, Stamina

My sporty ambition seized me at the age of 6 with Handball; the gyms were my second home and I was an integral part of my local clubs. Already at the age of 15 I was part of the senior team. As trainer I instructed several years youth teams.

After my apprenticeship to “Insurance Business Woman” I put my focus increasingly on my professional career, starting with a 4-yaer part-time study to Insurance Masters (evenings and weekends). At the age of 26, my total of 8 years abroad launched in London; where I not only logged long hours in the office but also completed my 2nd studies to become a Chartered Accountant. Thereafter I lived in Zurich and Chicago where I was last an Executive of a large international Insurance Company.

When I returned to Munich in 2011 I worked initially as Manager in an international consulting firm, but focused increasingly on the sport again, Triathlon since the beginning of 2012. Because of my talent and my willpower I was able to demonstrate good results in my first proper year (2013) and continuously manifest the results in the following years.

Professionally, I am now employed half-time at Ardo medical GmbH as Finance- and HR-expert, what gives me the freedom to expand my professional career as a semi-age class athlete.


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