05.10 The year in turn

A phenomenal year 2015 comes- from an athletic point of view – to an end. Here my private & open review 🙂

January / February: Great way to start the year
It started fine with a training camp at T3 Tenerife. I went in good shape, the training performance promised a very good season. A first hint was the Carnival run over 10km in Munich, in which I could placed 2nd in 40.02min between outstanding young runners! Was I though told at the start: „Well Anja, sorry, but the first two places are gone”. Without me! In early February, I then started a part time job at a local company (pinta acoustic GmbH); with a boss who adores Triathlon and great colleagues. Could not be better!

March-May: The descent
Well, what happened then, I do not wish per se anyone, but yet you have to learn and to go through such things. They make richer, stronger and have then in the end, somewhere back their good (“Everything happens for a reason”). The “plague” started end of February more of a technical nature; I had to give up my middle distance race in Dubai (first DNF ever). I want no one any harm, but nothing surprises me in this sport. In retrospect, it was confirmed with a 90% probability (by scrutiny) that the hole in my wheel was caused deliberately.

Once home, it started physically. A total of 12-week odyssey, with an absolute mental setback. I am saving the details at this stage; they can be re-read (15.04 and 08.05). What I learned in that time: We all whine at very, very high level. Let us reflect sometimes on the real important things in life: which includes real friends, whom I would particularly like to thank, as they were enormous close to me at this time – no matter how weird I was: My best friend Jule and her partner Branco, my best friend Jörg and of course – as always – my mom! To be included in this fine, but exclusive society my coach Wenke, who had been very patient with me who brought back the form by an – again – perfect plan, that I’m keeping more perfectly 🙂

It was then Jörg, who came to see and escorted me on my “re-entry trainings-weekend”. Oh, and Jule came just quickly by train from Marburg for a Sunday breakfast to Munich and went back the same afternoon. Need to say more about friends?? By the way, both accompanied me to the European Championships at Wiesbaden to support me and cheer me up. Parfait!

June to October: Still not quite tangible …
Well, and then came the race-season under the motto “let’s have a look”. The fact that the first race ended with an overall victory, was somehow still a dream; then the German league title over the sprint distance (AG) in Ingolstadt; then, then, then. You may have read the reports. Here is an overview of the whole (in brackets overall placement):

1. (2) Carnival Run Munich 40.07min 10k
Overall victory Stadtlauf Augsburg 10.5km 42.33 (15th place m / w)
1. (12) German Championship Triathlon Ingolstadt – German Champion Sprint AK35
Overall victory Triathlon Bad Toelz Short
Overall victory Triathlon Sprint Königsbrunn
5. (21) ETU European Championship Geneva Sprint
5. (27) ETU European Championship Geneva Olympic
Overall victory Alpsee Immenstadt run 25km with course record
3. (25) Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden – European Half-Distance with qualification for the 2016 70.3WM Australia
10.000m Track Innsbruck 39.46,47min (new PB)
3. (6.)
Powerman Zofingen (Duathlon Kurzdistanz)
1. (3.) 3 Country Marathon Bregenz

What can I say? Yes, I am enjoying this hammer-season, but especially the very consistent performances and the ability to retrieve these at the right time. For this I am very happy about my professional situation and then, even happier about the change in my private life; the alleged success story of this year is out 🙂 Oh yes, we got to know each during my healthy decline. So much for “Everything happens for a reason”.

In this sense, take care, Sincerly Anja

PS: Next year I am having again some big goals, details in a few weeks. For now, I am ready for regeneration from the season and the surgery

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